Overhaul your PPC Strategy Package

Hi, I'm Katya, your guide to customer-driven growth and your new strategic partner. I can't wait to meet you!

Think your ad campaigns can do WAY better?


If you think you're wasting money on ads, you're right.

If you think you're not getting the results you need for how much you're paying, you're right.

If you think all that's left to do is to turn them off and forget it ever happened, you're wrong.

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Stop wasting money. Ditch the "spray and pray".

I'll let you in on a secret: my clients all have nicely set up, organized Google Ads accounts and still have under-performing ads.

Why? Because the problem is not account setup or easily fixable technicalities. There are huge misalignments in messaging and targeting with their ideal customers’ struggles and needs at play. Addressing that is what drives big changes for them and can do the same for you.

Ditch the "spray and pray" approach. Let's build you a paid acquisition strategy to apply to all present and future campaigns so you can see results, fast.

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Katya is a highly strategic thinker — She's able to zoom into the details and zoom out to the big picture on a dime. That's incredibly rare. Working with her is always smooth and her diligence and attention to detail are impressive.

-Georgiana Laudi, Forget The Funnel

The better way: Ad strategy driven by your ideal customers.

To make sure your ads bring you the measurable results you need when you need them, I will go straight to the source—to your ideal customers—to understand them and how they came to purchase from you and love what you offer.

Customer research, understanding your customers’ Job(s) to Be Done, and customer journey mapping will inform my recommendations and serve as the basis of all ad initiatives you implement.

Specific deliverables of the project include:

  • Google Ads audit
  • Ad messaging guide
  • PPC recommendations
  • Specific ad campaign proposal (if applicable)

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Had a pleasure working with Katya on Google Ads and social media marketing for my real estate brand. Very knowledgeable and to the point.

-Alex Patlavski, loveistoronto

See the results and ROI. Fast.

Our work together from start to finish can take as little as 5 weeks if we move fast and in sync.

So in just about one month, you will know exactly how paid acquisition is or isn't serving you.

You will have an organized, optimized, fully compliant Google Ads account ready for any ad campaign you want to throw at it.

Want to run ads on other platforms? No problem. You will know which platform to choose and why. Copy will be suddenly easy to write and targeting will be a breeze.

Sounds like something you want?

My current fee for the 5-week engagement is $10000 USD / 13500 CAD.

Let’s discuss the details over a call.

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Katya is exceptionally thoughtful, intentional, and meticulous about the work she does and the level of service she provides her clients. Working with Katya is an absolute delight; I trust the expertise she brings to the table, not to mention that she's just a great human!

-Claire Suellentrop, Forget The Funnel

Frequently Asked Questions

For companies spending money on ads every month with meh results. For founders unsure if they should continue investing in paid acquisition. For businesses looking for a strategic approach to paid that goes far beyond simple campaign management.

You could be:

  • An early-stage tech startup
  • A scaling SaaS business
  • A solopreneur or a company of one
  • A non-profit organization

I've worked with many of you before!

Fun fact: I used to call SMM Headquarters an agency before making the switch to “strategic consultancy”. I don’t charge agency prices, have no account managers and get my hands dirty with actual client work myself every day.

When you work with me, my full attention and commitment to your success will be all yours. I communicate proactively, respond fast, disconnect on the weekends, and deliver what I promise. If I cannot guarantee something will work, I will say it. If there is a problem, I will help you solve it.

If you've run ads in the past, you should have an ad account already set up and some campaign history for us to draw from.

If you are only thinking of introducing ads into your marketing mix, great! Let's lay a solid foundation for paid acquisition that will scale and grow with you.

Glad you asked!

After signing the contract and settling the deposit invoice, here is how it will go:

T-2 weeks: Begin gathering company info and access to tools, prepare and kickstart customer insight gathering.

Week 1: Audit of Google Ads account and report of easy fixes, if applicable. Customer insight gathering continued.

Weeks 2-3: Customer insight gathering and analysis.

Week 4: Customer experience mapping & second invoice due.

Week 5: PPC recommendations and ad messaging guide.

Week 6 (if applicable): Other deliverables and project wrap-up.

The one-time cost of the Overhaul Your PPC Strategy engagement is $13500 CAD + HST (if it applies to you) or 10000 USD for my international friends (I’m in Canada eh 🍁).

This is a non-recurring, one-time payment that covers the 5-week engagement.

50% of the cost is required to secure the engagement, while the rest is due on week 4.

This is not pocket change, for sure. Yet think about your ad budget right now and how much you’re spending that never sees any return for you. It could be $2000 or it could be $20000.

Even though I don’t know your business (yet), I know that even diverting the ad budget for a couple of months to do this work will have payoffs much larger than if you simply continued spending (and being not impressed) as usual.

The engagement will make you thousands in new revenue whether you improve the effectiveness of your ads or stop spending on ads that do nothing entirely.

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