Research Power Hour

60 minutes to get you unstuck.

Get expert, hands-on advice. Brainstorm and pick the brains of an experienced customer researcher and product marketer. Walk away with concrete solutions, next steps and specific deliverables.

Bring your problem and we’ll solve it together in real time.

60 minutes. Fully confidential. No strings attached or project briefs required.

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What is Research Power Hour?

It is my way of offering my expertise in customer research, qualitative and quantitative analysis, Jobs to Be Done, customer journey mapping and product strategy on-demand—in bite-size pieces exactly when you need it.

When you’re stuck with a specific question or a problem that’s too small to justify hiring for but too big to ignore or solve with the help of googling and ChatGPT, Research Power Hour with me is the happy medium to get you unstuck and get you going.

We'll work on anything that is blocking you, getting as hands-on as you need to get the most out of our hour together. As long as it's within my expertise, I'm happy to help!

Schedule Your Research Power Hour

Katya has an exceptional ability to get to the core of customer motivations and help translate that into actionable growth recommendations. But it's not just her research and interviewing skills that set her apart, she's an absolute gem to work with too! Friendly, approachable and a true professional.

Lucy Heskins, Oh Blimey

What will you get out of Research Power Hour:

During a 60-minute Zoom call we’ll hold at your convenience, you can bring me on board to:

  • Brainstorm approaches to generating new data, designing research, choosing research methodology and customers to contact
  • Untangle the data you have in any specific way you need
  • Get eyes on your survey copy and interview questions (yes, we can rewrite on the fly!)
  • Coach you in interviewing customers or target audience members
  • Find ways to integrate product-led and customer-led practices into your company
  • Help you go deeper with Jobs to Be Done and apply the theory to your processes
  • Help with anything else practical you can think of!

There is a flat fee of $500 (+tax if applicable) payable when you schedule the Power Hour and fully refundable if you cancel with over 48 hours' notice. No other charges or hidden fees.

Schedule Your Research Power Hour

Katya is exceptionally thoughtful, intentional, and meticulous about the work she does and the level of service she provides her clients. Working with Katya is an absolute delight; I trust the expertise she brings to the table, not to mention that she's just a great human!

Claire Suellentrop, Forget the Funnel

Research Power Hour FAQ

Yes, I absolutely can. We'll need a bit more lead time to get the Power Hour scheduled in that case, but that's not an issue whatsoever.

The short answer is "possibly", as it's highly dependent on what we're going to be discussing and working on. I have many templates and ready-made guides to share with my clients and I'm happy to pass them on if they're applicable to you and what we cover during the Power Hour!

You bet! I'll get one sorted for you right after we meet for the Power Hour.

If you need to cancel, I'm happy to provide a full refund if the cancellation occurs at least 48 hours before the scheduled event time. If you need to cancel later than that, I'm happy to refund 50% of the fee and credit the rest towards a future Power Hour booking.

You're very welcome to reschedule as well with no penalty, as long as you do so at least 48 hours before the scheduled event time. That said, I understand that emergencies happen; please get in touch as soon as you're able so we can find a mutually agreeable time to meet.

Please feel free to get in touch via email or connect with me on LinkedIn—I'm always happy to chat!