Start Talking to Your Customers Worksheets

You know you need to do customer research.

You want your company to stand out and finally serve only the customers who really want what you're selling.

You know you like working with some customers more than others.

You're working on defining your ideal customer to talk to them directly.

But you aren't sure how to get started.

Creating focused, clear surveys.

Booking short and sweet customer interviews.

Understanding what was happening in your customers' lives when they found your product or service and loved it.

In other words, direct customer research. Talking to your customers.

It's an incredibly valuable exercise for your marketing and business. And it sounds easy... on paper.

Would you like some help?

Start Talking to Your Customers worksheets are designed to do just that.

This is the actual process I use in my Customer-Led Growth projects to get customers to say "yes" to a survey or an interview.

It has things like:

  • Separating ideal customers from not-so-ideal ones
  • Deciding whom to invite and whom to ignore (for the moment)
  • Decision-making on whether to run surveys or interviews

Packaged together into an easy PDF document that also has the following cool things to help you:

  • Actual email templates to use when contacting potential participants;
  • Follow-up timing and considerations;
  • Action items (it's a worksheet after all);
  • Recommendations and notes so you can make progress faster;
  • Last but not least, 4 weeks of one-on-one support from me so that you never feel alone or lost in the process. This is, honestly, the best part of the offer.

You will walk away with customer interviews booked OR have buy-in from customers to take a survey AND have the interview/survey questions lined up and ready to go. That's like 75% of the insight-gathering project already done!

Start Talking to Your Customers worksheets with 1:1 support are currently available for $349 CAD

Please click here to purchase. The PDF download link will be available right in the payment receipt instantly after the payment goes through.

Note: I am committed to fully supporting each person who buys the worksheets so I may restrict sales at any point. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Let's go get some customer insight!