Our Work

W — Work process

At SMM Headquarters, we are generalists who are highly experienced in all aspects of online marketing. Katya specializes in several key areas of digital marketing.

Many of our clients are local Toronto businesses and organizations, but geography matters less to us than effective communication and delivering exceptional value and advice to our clients.

You and your employees are in the best position to put your brand’s best foot forward. We as outside experts are here to help and guide you along the way! We offer consulting, coaching and even training depending on your objectives and your business’s needs.

We put special emphasis on compliance with Terms and Conditions of various online platforms, protecting users’ privacy, and upholding the standards of ethical, inclusive marketing that leaves no one behind. The companies we work with believe in doing the right thing and foregoing any shady tactics, no matter how tempting, and we love them for it!

W — What our clients say

Ben Hagon, Intent
SMM HQ have helped dramatically improve the effectiveness of our social media, Google Ads, and search engine optimization work. Highly recommend their work, professional, good value, and excellent to work with!
Alex Patlavski, Loveistoronto
Had a pleasure working with Katya on Google Ads and social media marketing for my real estate brand. Very knowledgeable and to the point. Highly recommended!
Marta Polovka, Holistic Medical Clinic
Enjoying working with this company. Very professional personnel. Extremely high level of customer service. Thanks a lot for the great work!
Brad Taylor, Entrepreneur
SMM Headquarters was the perfect partner to design and develop our entire marketing plan. Katya developed a complete social media program that incorporated event planning, social media awareness and targeted video marketing. Her marketing knowledge of all popular social media platforms really took our messaging to the next-level.
Athena Dykman, Writer
Katya's work has always impressed me. She remains constantly up to date on every aspect of SMM in order to keep our content relevant, and is an excellent communicator to boot. I've worked with her many times across many years and she never fails to deliver what she promises in spades.