Customer research has to be usable

The only customer research worth doing is the one you can actually use.

Put simply: unusable research is trash.

Harsh? But it’s true.

No matter how thoughtful, well-targeted or brilliantly executed your research efforts are, they’re ultimately useless if they don’t move the needle for your product and your company.

So should you not do it at all?

I strongly believe that it’s better to do research and fail than not do it at all.

If you’ve got time and budget to learn from your mistakes, please allow me to help you make the best of the first round. My Research Power Hour was created specifically for this.

If you’re determined to do it right (and who wouldn’t be?), start with an understanding of how you will move forward with the insight gained from research.

Every research effort, no matter how small, should begin with clarity on “What will this do for us?” and “How are we going to act on this information?”

Until you can answer both of these questions, resist the temptation to get busy.

Try nothing without a plan.

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